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Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial, located in Perryville, MO and featuring an exact replica of the Vietnam Wall in our nations capital.

Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial is a newly formed, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Perryville, Mo., that is dedicated to honoring our nation’s veterans. The memorial began as the vision of several local veterans and citizens who wanted to honor and respect their fellow brothers-and-sisters-in-arms, including those currently serving.

It all started in 1968 when Jim Eddleman made a promise to himself in Vietnam: He would one day HONOR his comrades if he made it out alive.

One of our founding members and largest donors, Jim Eddleman, fought valiantly in the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam conflict. He carried several severely wounded – to the medevac helicopter.

Jim made a promise to himself that he would one day honor his comrades if he made it out alive.

Fast-forward to 2011, when Jim and his wife Charlene were involved with another veterans’ project. Jim spoke of his promise to the organizers, and they helped connect him with those who now make up our Board of Directors.

In 2016, plans began coming together, and in 2017, the growing Board of Directors began convening weekly.

After meeting with officials in Washington, D.C. and gaining the support of Robinson Construction , the planning began for the campus layout of Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial. Volunteers checked about 60,000 names three times to ensure the spellings were correct.

The MNVM Board was adamant that this would be an exact replication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, character by character. Over time, the project has gained significant support from more community members and national organizations across America.


In Perryville, Mo., stands an exact replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. America’s Wall is connected to the land and secluded in America’s heartland, where it transcends generations. It provides a respite from traffic and distractions, allowing visitors to completely immerse themselves in a calming and peaceful environment to remember, honor and reflect.

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